• “Strength Training Makes Women Big” MYTH!

    “Strength Training Makes Women Big” MYTH!

    Now I want to try and tackle a key Health & Fitness myth that I am hearing more and more of….. “STRENGTH TRAINING MAKES WOMEN BIG” – This is a HUGE misconception, a womans chemistry and hormonal balances are completely different to that of her male counterparts. Women don’t naturally produce enough testosterone to get

  • Count Carbs Not Calories!

    Count Carbs Not Calories!

    Count carbs and not calories! Why I hear you say…in simple terms when your body is not given fuel in the form of carbohydrates it uses fuel in other ways. By reducing carb consumption many things happen but the most relevant being our liver is forced to use up the glycogen stores it has and

  • Don’t miss out – Save The Date!

    SABS Fitness Bootcamp International! Do you want to get stronger, fitter and healthier? Do you want to have fun whilst being pushed past your comfort zone? Don’t miss out on SABS Fitness ULTRA Bootcamp in Brampton, Toronto. If you’re in the area be sure to come along! With a massive kick off yesterday, the bootcamp

  • Biggest Bootcamp Launch Party Yet!

    Biggest Bootcamp Launch Party Yet!

    Saturday 17th May SABS Fitness is launching their biggest Bootcamp to date come along and join in!  Get ready for what’s set to be the biggest Bootcamp Launch Party we have had all year! With a huge amount of demand for more Bootcamp sessions in Mississauga we are now launching our biggest Bootcamp event of the year before we

  • Bootcamp 15th May 2014

    Bootcamp in El Dorado Park, Brampton is unfortunately cancelled this evening due to the weather we will back again tomorrow at 6.30pm in Madhill Common Park, Mississauga! See you tomorrow guys!

  • SABS Fitness Mississauga

    Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for what’s set to be the biggest launch party to date! Mississauga come join us in Madhill Common Park tomorrow at 11am for our biggest launch party!

  • Women’s Only Abs and Glutes Workout

    Women’s Only Abs and Glutes Workout

    ***Limited Spaces*** Book now to avoid disappointment! A brand new abs and glutes workout event will be taking place this Saturday 2nd March at 6pm! Where: Kingfisher Leisure Centre, Fairfield Road, Kingston How Do I Book? https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/abs-and-glutes-power-workout-tickets-57699881900 What do I need to bring? You, Yourself and You!