• Count Carbs Not Calories!

    Count Carbs Not Calories!

    Count carbs and not calories!

    Why I hear you say…in simple terms when your body is not given fuel in the form of carbohydrates it uses fuel in other ways. By reducing carb consumption many things happen but the most relevant being our liver is forced to use up the glycogen stores it has and begins to break down fat causing fat to become it’s main energy source. So essentially we are able to force our bodies to switch from being a machine that uses carbs for fuel to one that uses fat. If we were to count calories we would not be able to allow our insulin levels to stabilise and our bodies would not be able to burn fat as a fuel.

    It’s important to note that we should never limit our body to an unhealthy amount of carbs as this may lead to many unpleasant side effects as we still require some carbs to function!

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